The first year that Swaim & Associates did my taxes they asked to see all of my canceled checks and monthly credit card statements for the year. I was puzzled because my old accountant never did that. Three days later I found out why they asked for all that stuff. They found numerous deductions that I had never thought of; neither had my old accountant.

Richard G.Charleston, SC

Nine years ago, I hired Swaim & Associates to do the tax returns for 6 corporations and partnerships as well as my personal returns. The amount of money going to the government dropped by more than 29%. I was amazed when they showed me how much could be saved by using deductions we had never thought of … deductions that we missed out on for years because our accountants never took them.

C.W. Merritt, IIIGreenville, NC

Swaim & Associates are the first accountants who ever told me what I could deduct instead of telling me what I could not deduct. They are very proactive in digging for deductions, very aggressive.

Paul L.Columbia, SC

A few years ago we hired an accounting firm to do the taxes. The returns prepared by that firm showed us owing a staggering amount of tax, penalties, and interest. Then we hired Swaim & Associates to see if the amount could be reduced. They amended the returns prepared by the previous accountants and cut our tax bill by 93%!

Garland P.Greensboro, NC