Swaim & Associates has built a reputation based on assertive, energetic tax preparation work. You are only obligated to pay your true tax liability, per the federal tax code, state laws and the courts — no matter what the IRS says.

That means you have a right to all of your tax deductions. If you have overpaid in the past, you also may have a right to a refund for those overpayments.

Most individuals — and even many accountants — are not aware of all the deductions that could be available to you. Furthermore, if you own a business, make real estate investments or have ownership interests in other businesses, you may qualify for additional deductions.

We often find deductions that our clients and even other tax preparers are unaware of or have overlooked.

Many first-time clients ask us to amend prior year returns once they realize that there are deductions that they, or their previous accountant, have overlooked. Ask about a review of your prior year tax returns for amendment potential.

We have extensive experience with small businesses, small business owners and investors, including:

  • Real estate investors of all kinds, including brokers, house flippers, landlords, developers, home builders and commercial builders.
  • Farmers and other individuals engaged in agriculture and agriculture-related activities, including raising horses.
  • Self-employed professionals who either own their own businesses or are partners in one, including doctors, dentists, veterinarians and lawyers.
  • Small business owners in many industries, including retailers, restaurants, payday lenders, construction firms, interior designers and many others.

As a result of our ability to uncover new deductions and, often, significantly reduce individual and business tax liability, new clients often ask us to review and amend previous years’ tax returns. In many cases we’ve been able to secure significant tax refunds after reviewing past years’ filings.

Download the Swaim & Associates tax preparation checklist for your tax problem or tax preparation consultation.

How we work

We work differently than many other tax preparers.

We will review all your personal and business financial records. This includes your bank statements, check registers, credit card statements, investment and brokerage account statements, real estate purchases and other records. Our attention to detail enables us to find additional deductions.

We often make house calls. We visit clients’ homes and offices throughout the Southeast at no additional charge. These visits make it more likely we’ll get all the information we need to file a thorough, complete tax return.

We’ll meet with you after hours at our office. Meeting during regular business hours can be difficult for our busy clients. Therefore, we often meet with clients in the evenings or on Saturdays at our Greensboro, North Carolina, office.

We’ll answer all your questions. You should fully understand your tax situation and the tax consequences of your personal and business decisions. We can also advise you on the tax consequences of a potential course of action.

We are not the right tax accountant for everyone. However, if you are a business owner or self-employed, or if you routinely face high tax bills, we could be the right tax advisor for you.

Robert M. Swaim, MAcc., EA