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Tax advisors and accountants who work for you

Swaim & Associates

Tax advisors and accountants who work for you

Our Enrolled Agents Can Help with Even the Most Complicated Taxes

Preparing your tax returns is not easy. Many personal tax returns and business tax returns are incredibly complicated. If you try to prepare your tax returns on your own or use tax preparation software, it may lead to many missed deductions or errors of tax law that cost you money or increase the probability of an audit. Complicated tax situations need someone with a deep and thorough understanding of tax law to be accurate and legal. If you try to prepare tax returns on your own, you might make costly mistakes. Unfortunately, that could result in an IRS audit. Instead, what you want is someone with extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of federal income tax law.

An enrolled agent is a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service by either passing a three-part comprehensive IRS test covering individual and business tax returns or through experience as a former IRS employee. Enrolled agents must adhere to high ethical standards and complete 72 hours of continuing education courses in tax law every three years. Enrolled agents, like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs), have unlimited practice rights. This means they are unrestricted as to which taxpayers they can represent, what types of tax matters they can handle, and which states they can represent clients in. 

Our founder and owner is Enrolled Agent Mr. Robert M. Swaim, MAcc. Mr. Swaim is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents with a Master’s in Accountancy and a tax concentration. The United States Treasury Department licenses him to represent taxpayers in all federal tax matters before the IRS.  He has extensive knowledge of both state tax and federal tax laws, strong attention to detail, and decades of experience preparing tax returns for all types of clients. He also defends taxpayers in IRS audits and against aggressive IRS collection efforts. 

Getting Tax Returns Prepared is Unique for Everyone

We find deductions that our clients and even other tax preparers are unaware of or have overlooked. Many write-offs do not show up in online tax preparation software titles like Intuit TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxSlayer. That is why you should trust only professional tax preparation done by licensed experts. We may be the one guarantee you have that your personal (or business) income tax returns are prepared correctly.

We have extensive experience helping small businesses, their owner and partners, Self-employed professionals, and investors, including:

Real estate investors, including brokers, house flippers, landlords, developers, home builders, and commercial builders.
Farmers and other individuals engaged in agriculture and agriculture-related activities, including raising horses.
Self-employed professionals that own businesses or are partners in one, including architects, engineers, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, farmers, and lawyers.
Small business owners in many industries, including retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, payday lenders, construction firms, interior designers, and many others.

Tax Preparation Services

  • Individual Income Tax Returns
    • (Includes un-incorporated sole-proprietor businesses operated by the self-employed and single-member LLCs)
  • Partnership Income Tax Returns
    • (Includes Multi-Member LLCs)
  • S Corporations
  • C Corporations
  • Fiduciary Returns (Form 1040 income tax returns for estates and trusts)
  • Amended Returns
  • Prior year un-filed tax returns.

We often uncover new deductions for our clients or discover errors that need to be corrected going forward, such as incorrect depreciation schedules or a myriad of other items. 

We can reduce your individual and business tax liability. Many new clients ask us to review and amend their prior-year tax returns. In many cases, we have secured significant tax refunds after reviewing prior-year tax returns. Do you have a prior-year tax return that needs to be reviewed? If so, reach out to us and let us know!

Tax Prep from Swaim & Associates

We work differently from other tax preparers. The way we approach tax prep allows our clients to get the best refunds or minimize what they have to pay after filing their federal tax return or their state tax return. Let our tax pros show you what sets us apart.

We will review all your personal and business financial records: this includes your bank statements, check registers, credit card statements, investment and brokerage account statements, real estate purchases, and other documents. We want to review all of your earned income, business income (flow-throughs), investment income, and your expenses. Our attention to detail enables us to find additional deductions you may be legally entitled to.

If you are a business owner, freelancer, or self-employed taxpayer, or if you routinely face high tax bills, we are the right tax accountant/advisor for you. We will determine if your situation entitles you to a tax credit or additional deductions. We may be able to decrease not only the income tax you pay but the self-employment taxes (Social Security and Medicare) you may owe. 

We can come to your home or office if it is more convenient for you. There is no extra charge for this. These visits make it more likely to get all the tax information documents needed to prepare a thorough and complete income tax return. We can go through your bank statements, receipts, HUD closing statements, credit card statements and look for any possible deduction. Set up an appointment with a simple call to our office.

We will answer all your questions. You should fully understand your tax situation and the tax consequences of your personal and business decisions. We can also provide tax help regarding tax penalties for any action you may have taken or are contemplating.

Find a Tax Preparer You Can Trust at Swaim & Associates

When you want tax preparation specialists, randomly picking a result after searching for “tax preparation near me” will not give you what you need. You want to know your tax returns will not have you facing an audit by the IRS or have you leaving money on the table on account of missed deductions or overstated income.

We will work with you to ensure everything on your tax return is legally correct. Plus, we will offer tax advice to help with future tax planning.