I have been a customer for more than 20 years. Keeps me on the path and not paying any more than I should.

Jens Oxlund

Swaim & Associates provides amazing and professional service! Robert was always there for me and available when I needed help.

Edward Wolford

After Lackluster performance from TurboTax and H&R block, Swaim & Associates not only was a relief but dependable and always available. I will be be a client for life!

Noah Thompson

I found myself very impressed by how easy it was to get in contact with Robert himself and have never found myself less than thrilled with his services. Highly recommend!

Caleb Grigg

Robert Swaim has helped several of my clients with what seemed to be unfixable IRS issues and turned them into something that was much easier to deal with. He knows all of the ins and outs of the IRS system and can easily deal with any issue that comes up. He also helps several of my clients with their more difficult tax returns and is able to determine all of the legal deductions that they are eligible for.

Bob Prentice

I have known Robert since early 2000’s – almost 20 years as my accountant – I can personally speak to his professionalism and in-depth knowledge of tax and tax law! So grateful I was referred to him so many years ago!

Catherine Lynn

I have known Robert Swaim for 20 or so years and found him to be very knowledgeable as well as professional. He has helped several of my associates with tax and business entity matters. They have only had good things to say about their experiences.

Dyches Boddiford

I have know Robert Swaim for 20 years and utilized his services all those years. He is extremely knowledgeable in both Tax Codes AND Tax Law.
I don’t trust anyone else when it comes to my taxes.

Ben Bickerstaff

Robert is a professional in his field and has filed my taxes since 1981. In good or bad times Robert’s goal is your satisfaction! You are never an interruption of his work; you are the reason for his work! It is extremely rare to find professionals that are knowledgeable, thorough and actually care for you personally living in accordance with the “Golden Rule.”

Joseph Powell

I went to a large national CPA firm to get an offer in compromise prepared for IRS approval. They filed three different offers and each one was rejected by the IRS because the accountants were not experienced in negotiating with the IRS and did not know much about how the IRS operates and what it takes to get an offer approved. I owed the IRS over $300,000. Swaim & Associates prepared my next offer in compromise. It was approved and I only ended up paying $85,000.

P. Barcus