About 20% of American taxpayers owe the IRS something at any given time according to IRS internal statistics. So, you are not alone. Many people get behind on paying their tax one year and never seem to get caught up with penalties and interest being charged on top of the actual tax owed to the government. We have been assisting taxpayers in IRS collection cases since 1996, and understand the intricacies of tax law. Contact us today for a consultation.

We've been dealing with the IRS for more than 25 years. We know what the IRS can — and cannot — do, and we understand your rights under the law.

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At SWAIM & ASSOCIATES we have been defending taxpayers in IRS collection cases since 1996. What can we do for you?

  • Negotiate and prepare “installment agreements” (monthly payment plans) to satisfy your tax issues.
  • We can file a REQUEST FOR TAXPAYER ADVOCATE SERVICE ASSISTANCE with the U.S. Treasury Department’s taxpayer advocate, which is separate from the IRS. This is done by filing Form 911, which is commonly referred to inside the IRS as a request for hardship relief.
  • Prepare a formal request that includes supporting paperwork and legal arguments to have your tax issues classified by the IRS as “Currently Not Collectible.” Which means that you still owe the money, but the IRS agrees to leave you alone for 12 months and not take any action against you to collect that tax.
  • Prepare and file an Offer-In-Compromise to decrease your tax issues. BEWARE of firms that advertise on TV saying they can settle your tax issues “for pennies on the dollar.” It is impossible to tell a taxpayer that until one has reviewed the taxpayers tax returns, IRS correspondence. IRS reports (account transcripts) and conducted a thorough interview of the taxpayer with regard to current income and net worth. Beware of any firm whose first question to you when you call is: “Can you give me a credit card number to get started?” The first question should be: “What happened? How did your tax situation get to this point? Please tell me about it.”
  • Prevent, or remove, wage garnishment orders.
  • Prevent asset seizures.
  • Prepare un-filed returns for prior tax years.
  • Prepare amended returns for prior tax years.

Professional IRS Back Tax Assistance

We have handled many IRS collection cases over the years and managed to save a lot of our clients a great deal of money by having penalties waived and taxes reduced via amended returns or “offers in compromise.” We can prevent wage garnishments (or have them lifted if they are already in place). The same is true for IRS “levies” (i.e. asset seizures) issued to banks and other financial institutions to seize cash, stocks, bonds, retirement savings in IRA’s or 401-K’s. The government can also seize, or file liens against, any property you may own, including automobiles and personal property such as the contents of your home. These defensive actions must be taken at the first sign of trouble with the IRS.

Do not wait until they freeze your bank account or send your employer a wage garnishment order. If you wait until they take these “enforced collection” actions, you will regret it. They do not play around when you owe them money. It is best to set up a monthly payment plan with them as soon as a return is filed and you owe them tax that you know you cannot pay right away. The worst thing you can do is ignore them. They will work with taxpayers who put forth an honest effort to resolve their tax issues, but you had better have a tax expert in your corner to speak for you and argue a case on your behalf that will get you the most favorable result possible under current tax law. The government is very serious and determined to collect back taxes owed to them. That is why you need an expert in tax law to represent you and steer your case to a reasonable conclusion that does not bankrupt you and disrupt your life.

Robert M. Swaim, MAcc., EA

All tax accountants are not the same

“Enrolled Agent” is a top credential tax practitioner recognized by the IRS as well as all 50 states. Our status as Enrolled Agents, as well as our in-depth knowledge of the tax code, tax law and tax court rulings, helps us achieve better outcomes for taxpayers facing various kinds of tax problems.

We deal with the IRS frequently. Let us help you.

Enrolled Agent & Tax Accountant

Swaim & Associates IRS Problems and Tax Services

Audits & tax court cases

Successfully defended numerous clients during audits and minimized tax liability from those audits.

Unfiled returns & penalties

Helped taxpayers catch up on past-due tax returns, sometimes including several years of unfiled returns. Also helped get penalties and interest reduced — and sometimes eliminated — for clients.

Collections & offers in compromise

Defended clients against collections efforts, such as levies, liens and wage garnishment. Negotiated IRS offers in compromise for less than the amount actually owed.